The 1-click Web Apps and Frameworks Installers have been updated with more new, popular installs

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Fri, 18 Sep 2020

Two of the most popular tools of the Web Hosting Control Panel – the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer have undergone a major update to their existing listings.

From today, you will be able to take advantage of some brand new, popular app/framework additions in various categories.

Some of the existing scripts with discontinued support from the respective dev community have been disabled from the download list.

What are the new additions to the 1-click Web Apps Installer?
Following a thorough review of the latest open-source web application trends, we have selected a handful of new, popular scripts to add to the 1-click Installer collection. Here they are in a quick overview:


Mautic is a community-driven marketing automation platform that helps companies gain valuable insights into audience behavior and thus helps them build more meaningful relationships with their customers.

It has a really simple to use, drag-and-drop interface, which enables marketers to create and manage higher performing, full-blown campaigns and content, achieving great results across multiple channels.

Mautic’s founder, David Hurley, has defined Mautic very well: “Cutting edge marketing automation empowered by open source technology. This is the future; Mautic is leading the way.”

Indeed, being supported by a large, open community, Mautic shares the vision of many progressive minds who want to give every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organization.

Maian Cart

Maian Cart is an e-commerce software that focuses on simplicity and has a really easy-to-use interface.

The application offers a host of features that will help sellers provide a seamless and fully responsive shopping environment in their stores.

These include support for many payment gateways, shipping modules, zones and countries, wish lists, coupons, and other customer incentives, etc.

Also, the platform has a guest checkout option for quick orders and an integrated account system for repeat buyers.

Users will also be able to get in direct contact with a developer so they can get swift support straight from the source.

Abante Cart

Abante Cart is a powerful e-commerce and shopping cart application that can match any business’s needs.

It is really flexible in that it seamlessly integrates with an existing website, blog, or CMS like Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal.

Thanks to its products embed functionality, online retailers can sell any products they want from their Abante Cart web store wherever they like online.

The Abante Cart storefront is fully responsive and SEO-optimized for an easy ranking start across search engines.

The admin area is really easy to work with and features voice control for a fully intuitive store-management experience.

If you need help managing your store, you can always contact AbanteCart’s online community.


phpCollab is a project management and collaboration system that enables an easy co-working environment for various purposes.

The tool is most suitable for organizations, such as consulting firms that want to draw a line between company-side and client-side information.

PhpCollab includes various useful online collaboration functionalities such as team/client sites, task assignment, document repository/workflow, discussions, calendar, notifications, and many others.

It has a simple project management interface and also features a support request functionality for those who need help working with the system.

Live Helper Chat

Live Helper Chat is an easy-to-integrate, live support chat module for your website.

It supports various messaging platforms such as Telegram, Twilio, Facebook messenger, Gtalk, Jabber, Skype, etc. so you can easily communicate with your audience via the channel you like.

The tool supports sound messages, images, and files, and offers a high level of protection from unsolicited contacts thanks to the insulting messages and nude images detection extensions it comes with.

You can also integrate a Google search module directly in your Live Helper Chat via the respective extension.

Podcast Generator

Podcast Generator, in short PG, is a popular podcast publishing solution that makes publishing audio and video podcasts a breeze.

Uploading an episode and submitting it to the mainstream podcast directories Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify is made really simple.

Through PG’s intuitive admin interface, the user can upload new podcast episodes or edit existing ones, manage categories and customize podcast feed details such as title, description, and cover image, etc., with the click of a mouse.

PG automatically cleans an upload from the most common formatting errors, thus ensuring the podcast’s compatibility with the widest range of clients.

With PG, podcast episodes are available via RSS as well, which helps podcasts gain an increased search engine visibility via permalinks and open graph meta tags.

Open Real Estate

Open Real Estate is really simple to use and efficient way to present your real estate company over the web.

It provides the medium real estate agencies and agents need to quickly connect with real estate owners and prospective buyers/renters.

Open Real Estate features an easy-to-use Control Panel and offers a variety of functions and add-ons such as the ability to add listings of property for sale or rent in different languages and currencies, an online property booking functionality, an easy listing-wide search option, etc

Based on the widely used Yii CMF framework, Open Real Estate guarantees top application performance and product security.

Through the 'SEO' Module, you can get improved search engine rankings and can use an SEF URL.

If you need help or want to suggest a new feature, just post your comments in the tool’s forum and your voice will be heard.


Piwigo - a trusted photo gallery web application, has been serving organizations, teams, and individuals from all around the world for 18 years already.

It helps you manage the tons of photos and other media you have in a fun and easy way.

No matter whether you have a medium-sized gallery or a huge image bank, Piwigo can handle it for you.

Piwigo is equally good for professional photographers as well, providing advanced permissions control for clients to download photos or albums in private.

The application comes with a variety of themes and extensions and supports an easy image upload via the preferred tool or mobile application, a Batch Manager, an album tree with unlimited depth, image browsing by date, image geolocation, automatic metadata imports, etc.

Suite CRM

SuiteCRM is a fully customizable, feature-rich Customer Relationship Management application. It is centered around the customer and designed to fit any business size in any industry.

With the help of various modules, users can customize it in accordance with their specific needs.

SuiteCRM enables users to create business process models and design flexible, automated actions.

Also, they can model sales pipelines, control pricing strategies, maintain contract renewals, and track lead progress.

For customer support, users can take advantage of self-service portals, which send instant customer request notifications to service teams, and also notify customers of resolved issues.

A community forum is available for anyone who needs assistance in managing their clients via SuiteCRM.

Form Tools

Form Tools is a simple to use web form creator and data management script which you can install on your existing website.

It works with any existing web forms but can also be used to create forms automatically as well.

Form Tools lets you tailor your installation to your own project requirements via optional modules.

Through the Data Visualization module, you can visualize your form submission data.

Also, you can export your data to use in any other application you need.

Form Tools is available in more than 50 languages.

Church CRM
ChurchCRM is a data management system built especially for small churches and religious organizations.

It can be easily customized to fit the needs of a specific congregation and provides helpful insights into the community members involved.

Church CRM enables congregation leaders to best track and understand the relationships and all important events related to them.

Organizing and managing a congregation with Church CRM is easy using its variety of useful features such as: an option to add members photos, a calendar for keeping track of events and member birthdays, a financial function for tracking tithes, pledges and gifts, Sunday School class reports with child and parent contacts, integration with MailChimp lists, etc.


LuxCal is a web-based event calendar aimed at helping individuals and small businesses organize their appointments and events in a very user-friendly way.

The tool is really simple to use, with an intuitive interface that makes the task of organizing calendar events a breeze.

It is very flexible and can easily be tailored to the user’s specific needs.

The supported views are year, month, week, day, upcoming events, and changes. Also, the tool offers flexible date/time formats, an import/export option for iCal files, as well as RSS feeds.

What are the new additions to the Frameworks Installer?
The following are the new frameworks that have been added to the Frameworks Installer:


YII is a high-performance component-based PHP framework.

Its name is pronounced "Yee" which means "simple and evolutionary" in Chinese.

Indeed, YII was created with the idea of simplifying the performance of mainstream framework solutions such as PRADO by speeding up the handling of complex pages and minimizing the learning curve.

Some of the most noteworthy features include an MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern, generation of complex WSDL service specifications, and management of Web service request handling, a layered caching scheme, which supports data caching, page caching, fragment caching and dynamic content, etc.


Laravel is a PHP framework designed to make developing web apps easier and faster through built-in features.

It supports a modular packaging system that enables developers to easily add functionalities without needing to write them from scratch.

The framework offers a complete authentication system and object-relational mapping.

Laravel comes with a command-line interface (CLI) with pre-built commands as well as with an automatic testing functionality.

Laravel has a short learning curve, especially if you`re already familiar with PHP. If assistance is needed, devs can reach out to its helpful community and rich collection of learning resources such as podcasts and tutorials.


Symfony is a PHP framework and a set of reusable PHP components aimed at speeding up the creation and maintenance of web applications.

It helps devs save time with typical operational tasks, such as creating persistent models or rendering content with templates.

Also, it gives them full customization control over the configuration: from the directory structure to the external libraries.

Disabled scripts in the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer
1-click installation tools are a great way for both novices and advanced users to gain easy access to the usability and flexibility of open-source solutions.

Despite the enthusiasm and collaboration provided by dedicated communities in general, however, some open-source applications/ frameworks get abandoned by their authors who are no longer able to support them.

For that reason, we’ve ceased installation support for the following scripts on our 1-click web apps installation platform:

b2evolution, Classfieds, Dolphin, fuzzylime (cms), Gallery3, HelpCenter Live, Imagin, Maian Events, MJguest, Movable Type, Nucleus, Open Ads, Open Realty, OS Commerce, phpCoin, phpFormGenerator, PHProjekt, PHPTickets, phpWebSite, Plogger, SugarCRM, WebCalendar, WebSiteBaker, Zazavi.

Following are the frameworks that we've disabled installation support for:

Akelos, Prado, PHPDevShell, Zoop.

If you have an existing web application or framework installation, it will remain active until you disable it.

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